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Beauty Oil For All Skin Tones & Types

An elixir of pure plant extracts and actives to repair, hydrate and regenerate skin. Cold-pressed botanicals, essential oils and active ingredients Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Collageneer provide the antioxidants and fatty acids to restore radiance and protect the skin from free radical damage. Our beauty oil can be apart of your daily makeup routine and can be used on all skin tones and types.

Superfood Blends, Delicious and Good For You

What makes us different than other superfood blends? Our tonic powders taste amazing! We wanted to create easy to use superfood elixirs and health supplement where you can get the medicinal benefits without any bitter medicinal taste. Simply add a spoonful of this superfood powder to your morning latte,  warmed nut milk or smoothie! 

Superfoods • Beauty • Wellness

We are a California based company creating high-vibe beauty and wellness products made with real ingredients that are sustainably and ethically grown. We source the best organic or wildcrafted plants, nuts, fruits and oils possible and believe in keeping it real. No GMOs, pesticides and chemicals ever! We believe in nourishing our mind, body and spirit with wholesome real foods and do a lot of research on superfoods that can elevate our wellness. Most of the ingredients we believe in have been considered precious by ancient cultures for their medicinal and healing powers. Our products are all organic, plant based, dairy free and can help better your immune system. 

Feel good, look good and do good!

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